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Increase the longevity of your diesel engine

Modern-day diesel vehicles have many different auxiliary systems in order to comply with government emissions standards. Unfortunately, these systems are not without fault and can often cripple the power and reliability of your car or van.

GTS tuning offers a number of diesel-only services that are extremely popular with our fleet and commercial customers who cannot afford to have their vehicles out of service.

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DPF Regeneration or software removal.

Overly saturated diesel particulate filters can result in poor fuel economy, lack of power and in some cases stop a vehicle from starting altogether. If your DPF light is on, we can come to you and carry out a forced regeneration in an attempt to burn off any excess soot. If you wish to remove your DPF from the vehicle completely, it is critical to code the DPF data out of the ECU software to prevent fault codes and poor engine running.

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EGR software removal.

Our EGR closed or blanking solution and reprogramming of the engine management ECU results in lowered engine temperatures, improved throttle response and economy, and can also lengthen engine life by reducing oil contamination and carbon deposits.

Car Comapre

Adblue software removal

All new Euro 6 and above diesel vehicles are equipped with Adblue systems. These systems are extremely complex and cause problems for thousands of motorists all across the UK. GTS is able to remove the Adblue software on diesel vehicles that do not intend to be driven on public roads.

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Diesel Economy Remapping

Customers will see FUEL IMPROVEMENTS of typically 10-15% on most diesel vehicles when opting for our ECO-Green Remap. Great for fleet and commercial vehicles where the savings really count!

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