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We are a fully mobile ECU remapping company driven to help you get the best out of your car or van. Contact us now to see what solutions we provide for your vehicle.



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IMI Qualified Remapping Technicians. So you know your car is in safe hands.

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The automotive performance and security division of Gazoline Auto Repair

Who we are

GTS Tuning is a division of Gasoline Auto Repair specializing in tuning and ECU remapping solutions for all automotive applications. If you’re looking to improve the performance, Economy, or reliability of your Petrol, Diesel, or even Hybrid vehicle, we are able to come to you and Remap your vehicle to meet your specific requirements.


Working in partnership with Quantum tuning, we have access to some of the largest ECU file libraries in Europe.


Our services

DPF Regeneration & Software Removal

Performance Remapping

Autowatch Ghost II - Immobilisers

Speed Limiter Removal

EGR Valve Software Delete

Vehicle Software Updates

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