Questions? We’ve Got Answers

A stage 1 remap requires no mechanical modifications. It is simply an alteration to the ECU software that extracts as much power as possible from the vehicle whilst respecting the mechanical limitations of the engine. With the way most modern cars are designed, a stage 1 tune can completely change the feel and drive of your car.


A stage 2 remap requires several mechanical modifications as well as a more aggressive ECU tune to draw even more power from your car. These modifications can include downpipe, charge-air-cooling, turbochargers, etc. The exact setup will vary from car to car. Be aware, as mechanical modifications are required, a stage 2 tune will void any manufacturer warranty.


GTS tuning currently only offers stage 1 remap solutions. We are working on putting together stage 2 packages for select performance models which will be released in the next few months. Keep a look out on our blog!

A Remap alone from a reputable tuning company will not damage your engine. On the very rare occasions where an engine has experienced running issues after a remap, it is often the case that there were underlying faults that have been exemplified as a result of the map.

At GTS Tuning we carry out a full engine fault code check and test drive your vehicle to ensure your engine is running correctly before performing the remap. If there are any pre-existing faults we will advise you to solve the faults prior to carrying out a remap.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that all remaps are different! There are many cheap remapping options out there that will in fact damage your engine. This is down to the use of cloned remapping tools and poor-quality remapping files. GTS Tuning has access to the largest file libraries in Europe and any remap loaded onto your car would have been used on thousands of cars all over the world, so you can be sure it is of the highest quality.

Yes! All Remaps we install on your vehicles can be removed whenever you wish. We will revert your car back to its original state. We offer an industry-leading 30-day full money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your remap, we will come back to you and remove the map free of charge. Beyond these 30 days, we are still able to remove the remap for you at the cost of £199 + outcall charge (subject to location).

Yes!…and no. Every single remap file we use on any car has been created on a dyno using an identical car. A dyno is needed to effectively tune and optimize a map. At GTS tuning we have access to the largest dyno-tested file libraries in Europe. This allows you to get the same results as a dyno tune without the inconvenience or high cost of going to an authorized dyno center.

We recommend that all customers use 97+ octane fuel after carrying out a remap to extract maximum power from the engine. Higher octane fuels have far superior burn characteristics and help protect the engine against engine knock (detonation). 97+ octane fuel is available at all petrol stations across the UK.

It is important to us that our customers have peace of mind when remapping their vehicles. If after carrying out your remap you are unhappy with the power output of your vehicle, we will come to you and remove the map. You will be given a full refund on the cost of the remap. Outcall charges may apply depending on location.