What Is The Best Car Security?

What Is The Best Car Security? The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is a highly respected car security and immobiliser system. It can protect your car from theft and is arguably the most effective security system for your vehicle within an affordable price range.   GTS Tuning are verified IMI Certified Technicians​ verified. So you know your car is in safe hands.   Using the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser, you can prevent key cloning, hacking, or even theft of your car.  Unlike key-fobs or LED indicators, the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser cannot be detected with a key-fob.   In order to disarm the GhostI immobiliser, you must enter a unique and changeable disarm sequence similar to a PIN code for your smartphone or ATM bank card, using buttons in the vehicle, such as volume buttons on the steering wheel, window buttons on the door panels etc.   Get your car protected today from just £455.00 – Book Now

Features of Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser includes:

  • Disarm the immobiliser by pressing the buttons on the dashboard, steering wheel etc in the correct sequence.
  • There are no radio frequency signals transmitted which adds to the security benefits and prevents hacking.
  • The disarm sequence can be changed and customised by the user at any point.
  • The service mode ensures your private sequence will not be disclosed to a third party i.e. a mechanic.
  • A unique emergency code feature is included should the disarm sequence ever be forgotten.

Is it affordable for your car to be stolen?

As the worldwide shortage of computer chips continues to disrupt the automotive industry, the covid pandemic and now the Russia-Ukraine war has all resulted in a decrease in sales and production. In some cases, car production has ceased altogether due to the shortage of silicon chips. This means there are fewer new vehicles available to buy while buyers are now increasingly looking for second-hand vehicles. Get your car protected today from just £455.00 – Book Now . As a complimentary addition to our excellent service, GTS tuning can travel to you and work on your vehicle quickly and professionally.
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