What is a Ghost Alarm and how does it work?

While there are many anti-theft devices available in the market to protect your vehicle (including Ghost Alarm), there are also devices that were actually made for emergency situations. However, such devices are used for a negative purpose and have now been familiarised as pro-theft devices that assist car thieves to hack into cars despite the security installed in them.

Advances in technology are made to make security services much more secure and impenetrable. Nowadays, newly launched cars have inbuilt highly secured AI protection within their system. So what happens to the cars that are already purchased and do not have such a feature installed in them?

For cars that are from a different generation and of different versions, manually installing security devices and applications has been made possible. No matter how old a car is, the maintenance charge and the insurance are definitely costly. So, opting for a secured anti-theft device is a significant necessity.

What is a ghost alarm?

Just like haunted houses are avoided by people because the possibility of a ghost residing is not something to jest around, similarly, ghost alarms are like an invisible artificial presence protecting your car. Even if the engine is ignited the car literally stays immobilised until the unique key is inserted. The key can be a unique combination of buttons amongst the centre panel, steering wheel and door panel.

A thief trying to steal your car or vehicle won’t be able to realise it and will keep trying to switch on your engine so that it can be driven away. However, the alarm system installed in your car will send you notifications about the current situation of your car and update you with the car’s location.

With a significant rise in car theft in the country, companies are developing better security systems to prevent crime. Therefore, security measures like ghost alarms have come into action.

How does the ghost alarm work?

First and foremost, the application is TASSA-approved. It is a third-party organisation specialising in police and security testing. The engine control unit communicates with the ghost alarm and keeps your vehicle immobilised. The security barrier is never compromised and a secured and emergency backup code is provided if the security system is ever forgotten or for a necessary situation. The security key is always changeable.

Companies offering ghost alarm products provide their services all around the country. The representatives arrive at your doorstep at your convenience and guide you through the process of initiating the ghost alarm to disarm it according to your requirements. They also provide the application to your phone so that you are always aware of your car and also use the device as an alternative or a part of your security key.

It is true that the companies offering ghost alarm services are costly but they offer secure, impregnable security measures that make it extremely difficult for thieves to run away with your car. With such firm security, the only way a thief can steal your car is by towing it.

Ghost alarm car theft prevention

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