Stage 2 remapping BMW B58 engines

BMW’s B58 engine is a turbocharged inline-six that has become increasingly popular in a variety of BMW models, including the 340i, 440i, M240i, and more. With its impressive power output and smooth power delivery, it’s no wonder that many BMW enthusiasts are turning to stage 2 remapping to unlock even more performance potential.

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So, what kind of performance gains can you expect from a stage 2 remap on a BMW with a B58 engine? Let’s take a look at the M240i as an example. In stock form, the M240i produces around 335 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. With a stage 1 remap, you can expect to see power gains of around 50-60 horsepower and 70-80 lb-ft of torque, which is already a significant improvement. However, with a stage 2 remap, you can expect to see even more impressive performance gains, with horsepower figures being upwards of 420 BHP and torque upwards of 620 NM.

It’s not just the M240i that can benefit from a stage 2 remap, either. Many BMW models that use the B58 engine can see significant performance gains with the right upgrades and remapping. Whether you’re driving a 340i or a 440i, a stage 2 remap can help you unlock even more power and take your driving experience to the next level.

At GTS Tuning, we specialize in remapping BMWs with B58 engines, and we can help you get the most out of your car. We offer a variety of stage 2 packages that include all the necessary hardware upgrades, as well as custom tuning to ensure that your car is running at its best. Contact us today to learn more about our remapping services and how we can help you take your BMW to the next level.

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