Rise in Car Theft

The Rise of Car Theft in the UK: Protecting Your Vehicle with the Best Immobiliser

Car theft has surged in recent years in the UK, becoming a pressing concern for car owners. The main modus operandi? Key cloning. With advances in technology, thieves are now more equipped than ever to craft a duplicate of your car key without even laying a hand on it. This brings us to the pressing question: In an age where traditional methods of car security are being easily bypassed, what is the best way to protect against car theft?
Enter the world of immobilisers.

Immobilisers: The Shield Against Car Theft While there are several types of immobilisers on the market, such as the Pandora, Meta trak, and Scorpion x series, none have been as tried, tested, and trusted as the Ghost Immobiliser. When we speak of the best car security, the Ghost Immobiliser undoubtedly occupies the top spot.

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Why Ghost Immobiliser Stands Out:

  1. Undetectable: It operates in stealth mode, making it impossible for thieves to detect
  2. Unique Secret Sequence:The Ghost Immobiliser requires a secret button sequence, which can range between 3 and 20 presses on the dash or steering wheel, to start the car. This sequence is known only to the car owner.
  3. CANBUS Immobiliser : As a Canbus immobiliser, it communicates directly with the car’s ECU, ensuring that without the correct sequence, the car remains immobile.

Installation by Trusted Hands: GTS Tuning Entrusting your vehicle’s security to the right hands is paramount. GTS Tuning are TASSA Approved installers, guaranteeing that the immobiliser installation adheres to the highest standards. We come directly to you, ensuring convenience, and post-installation, a full walk through/demonstration is conducted. This ensures every customer not only understands their new security system but is fully satisfied with the installation. And with prices starting at just £455, protecting your vehicle with the best immobilizer on the market is both affordable and wise.

In conclusion, while car theft methods evolve, so should our protective measures. Key cloning may be the current thorn in our side, but with the Ghost Immobiliser, you have a shield that’s not just robust but also proactive. Opt for the best, opt for Ghost Immobiliser, and let GTS Tuning handle the rest.

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