Ghost immobiliser & bluetooth ADR tags

Ghost Immobiliser and Bluetooth: A Match Made in Vehicle Security Heaven

In the age of wireless connectivity, even vehicle security has been revolutionised. The Ghost Immobiliser, known for its impeccable security features, has now integrated Bluetooth functionality that not only enhances its usability but ensures unparalleled security. In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of this fantastic feature and how it can make your vehicle security hassle-free.

No More Sequence Entry with ADR Tags

While the Ghost Immobiliser’s secret sequence of button presses has always been a game-changer in the world of car security, the addition of the ADR (Additional Driver Recognition) tags simplifies the process even further. Once paired with the Ghost system, the ADR tags ensure that drivers no longer need to input the security sequence manually.

Imagine the ease: As you approach your vehicle, the system recognises the ADR tag, allowing for seamless entry and ignition. It’s a perfect fusion of top-notch security without compromising on usability.

Why ADR Tags Are a Step Above

Unlike traditional car keys, the ADR tags offer a new level of security:

  1. Fully Encrypted: With full encryption, ADR tags are a fortress that cannot be easily penetrated. It ensures your vehicle remains inaccessible to those without authorization.
  2. Cannot be Cloned: One of the most significant threats in the modern age is the ability for criminals to intercept and clone keys. However, ADR tags sidestep this risk entirely. Their unique design ensures they cannot be intercepted or cloned, giving vehicle owners peace of mind.

GTS Tuning: Bringing Security to Your Doorstep

Recognizing the importance of convenience, GTS Tuning offers mobile installation services. Whether you’re at home or your workplace, our team will come to you, ensuring the Ghost Immobiliser system is seamlessly integrated into your vehicle. Our primary aim is to provide you with top-tier security without disrupting your daily routine.

Installations for the Ghost Immobiliser begin at £455, and while the ADR Tags are an additional cost, their value in added security and convenience makes them a worthy investment.

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Ghost immobiliser & bluetooth ADR tags 2

Final Thoughts

The integration of Bluetooth functionality in the Ghost Immobiliser system represents a giant leap forward in vehicle security. With the added convenience of ADR tags, protecting your vehicle has never been easier or more efficient. Reach out to GTS Tuning today, and let’s equip your vehicle with the future of security!

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